Plasma Facts

Everything You Need to Know About Plasma Donation

You may be thinking about donating plasma.  It sounds great, but you probably have some questions.

Like any reasonable person, you want to learn more about it before making a decision.   Unfortunately, there isn’t that much quality information out there.  Plasma companies only give a high-level overview and other sites just summarize the info they find somewhere else.  Neither of which are very helpful.    

As someone who has worked in the plasma industry for years, I’ve interacted with thousands of donors.  After hearing the same questions over and over again, I realized there was a huge information gap out there. I’ve created this site to give you the specific details you need to make an informed decision. 

I’ll admit that I am biased towards the positives of plasma donation.  It’s hard not to be when you see first hand the benefits from this process.  The plasma you donate is used to create life-saving therapies for patients around the world.  Also, it’s great when donors tell us all the great ways they use the money they make. Whether it’s going on a vacation with their family, extra cash to pay for holiday gifts, or even getting them through a tough financial situation.  But I do know plasma donation is not for everyone and provide a balanced view of what it is really like. 

I recommend starting with 4 key articles that provide an in-depth overview of plasma donation.  These are based on my years of industry expertise and feedback from actual donors.  


Beginner’s Guide to Plasma Donation

Donate Plasma

If you don’t know much about it, plasma donation can seem pretty intimidating. Searching online doesn’t help much either.  All you will usually find is a list of 4-5 simple…

Risks and Side Effects of Donating Plasma

side effects risks plasma donation

Making money with plasma donation sounds great, but you probably have a few big questions on your mind before you are ready to start. What are the side effects? Is…

How to Make More Money by Donating Plasma

donate plasma make money sell plasma paid

If you are interested in plasma donation, you have probably seen some version of an ad promising “up to $400 per month”.   You’re probably pretty skeptical of any offer promising…